When You Need A Trial Attorney, Trust In The Tinstman Law Firm, P.A.

A Seasoned And Caring Trial Attorney

The Tinstman Law Firm, P.A., has an office in Miami and serves clients in Miami-Dade County, South Florida and sometimes even beyond. My name is Eric M. Tinstman, and in my 13 years of practice, I have won tens of millions of dollars in jury verdicts and settlements on behalf of my clients. If you’ve been injured and you think you deserve compensation, we can help.

Accidents Are Ususally No Accident

When a company, driver or medical provider chooses to be selfish or reckless by looking at a text while driving or a hospital puts profits over safety, and it injures the public, our judicial system allows those injured to hold those selfish or reckless actors financially responsible.  The best way to do that is to hire a trial attorney.  The Tinstman Law Firm is a trial law firm, and the insurance companies know it.

The Tinstman Law Firm focuses on the following types of cases:

In my experience, if an insurance company thinks that it has a chance to delay or decline a payment, it will. After all, the world of insurance is a business, and companies care about things like profit and the bottom line. But it’s my business to hold businesses, corporations, hospitals and insurance companies accountable. With every client who walks through my door, I am fully prepared to take their case all the way to trial if necessary.

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I know and understand that suffering from an injury can be devastating. It interrupts your life and can set you back personally, emotionally and professionally. I will fight to help you get your life back on track. If you’ve been catastrophically injured or if you’ve lost a loved one and you think that you deserve compensation for your injuries, don’t wait. Contact me today at 305-832-1412 or email me to schedule your free consultation.