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Do Not Let Doctors Get Away With Diagnostic Errors

One of the most critical parts of treatment is receiving a timely and accurate diagnosis. If a doctor fails to diagnose your condition correctly, you face lifelong complications or death.

If your doctor failed to diagnose your medical condition or diagnosed it incorrectly, resulting in harm to you, The Tinstman Law Firm, P.A., can assist you. I am medical malpractice trial attorney Eric M. Tinstman. For more than 13 years, I have helped the victims of medical malpractice in the Miami-Dade area and throughout the United States recover compensation and hold physicians accountable for their actions.

What Should I Know About Diagnostic Errors?

A diagnostic error refers to an inaccurate, missed or late diagnosis of a medical condition. Not every mistake or failure in the diagnostic process qualifies as malpractice. Some of the causes of diagnostic errors include:

  • Failure to interpret symptoms or disregarding patient complaints
  • Improperly administered testing or failure to interpret results
  • Inadequate testing
  • Failure to recognize risk factors
  • Delayed diagnosis

For example, failure to detect a stroke or heart attack due to a doctor’s failure to recognize the preexisting conditions may count as medical malpractice if the patient suffered serious health consequences and has damages such as medical bills.

Do I Need A Diagnostic Error Lawyer?

Due to the substantial time gap that can exist between the inaccurate diagnosis and the correct diagnosis, proving the existence of medical negligence is exceedingly difficult. If you try to handle your claim on your own, you stand a much lower chance of success than if you work with a medical malpractice lawyer. In my practice, I have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for the victims of negligence. I painstakingly examine your medical records, interview witnesses and get expert opinions to build your case for malpractice.

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