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A Traumatic Realization: Nursing Home Negligence And Abuse

At The Tinstman Law Firm, P.A., I help clients in Miami and South Florida pursue damages for their personal injury and negligence claims. It can be difficult to find a nursing home or assisted living facility for your elderly loved ones. When you do, you have every right to expect that it will be a safe and nurturing place for them to live. When that facility doesn’t live up to its expectations or, even worse, causes harm, it is devastating. The resulting damages and trauma can be substantial, and I want to fight for that injustice on your behalf. My name is Eric M. Tinstman, and I am a trial lawyer who will take your case all the way to the end to get you the compensation you deserve. In the past 13 years, I have won millions of dollars in damages for my clients in both settlements and jury trials.

Negligent Nursing Homes And Assisted Living Facilities

Florida state law requires that individuals and businesses conform to certain standards. This is especially true for nursing homes and assisted living facilities. If a nursing home facility fails to sustain the proper and required standards – and an elderly resident gets hurt because of it – that facility can be held liable for negligence. Personal injuries can happen anywhere, but they can be especially traumatic when they happen in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Nursing Homes And Broken Bones

As your loved ones grow older, the risk of breaking bones gets higher and the ability to fully recover decreases. Older people are more likely to suffer from fragility fractures due to underlying osteoporosis. A fragility fracture is a fracture that happens as a result of minimal trauma, like falling from a standing height or less. Fragility fractures usually occur at the hip, spine or wrist and can have devastating life consequences. In addition to reducing the quality of life, sometimes, severe fragility fractures to places like the hip bone can even bring an increased risk of death for several years after the initial injury. As a facility dedicated specifically to the care of elderly patients who are likely susceptible to fragility fractures, that facility has an obligation to do everything it can to prevent fragility fractures from happening.

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Our elderly loved ones deserve to live in safe environments, free from abuse and injury. If your loved one has been injured or abused in their nursing home or assisted living facility and might have a claim for damages, let me help. I will fight to make it right. Call me today at 305-832-1412 or email me to schedule your no-obligation, free consultation. If I take your case, I don’t get paid until you do.