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Surgery, even for a minor condition, can put your life at risk. Surgeons, nurses and hospitals that fail to provide adequate care can cause life-altering harm to their patients. If you believe that you suffered surgical malpractice, it is time to seek counsel from The Tinstman Law Firm, P.A.

Based in Miami, I serve clients throughout Florida and the United States who experienced medical malpractice. My name is Eric M. Tinstman, and I am a trial attorney. When you need strong yet compassionate legal help in your malpractice claim, I am ready to advocate for you.

What Are Some Examples Of Surgical Errors?

Surgical errors can happen even in simple and noninvasive procedures. They occur when a health care practitioner acts negligently and deviates from the expected standard of care, resulting in harm and damage to the patient. Some of the most common surgical errors include:

  • Improper prep or failure to screen for risks
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Errors during procedures, like misplaced incisions, organ damage, leaving surgical instruments in the body
  • Inadequate post-surgery care
  • Unnecessary surgery
  • Surgery based on a misdiagnosis
  • Surgery recommended without trying a reasonable alternative treatment
  • Lack of informed consent regarding risks

You will need a medical malpractice attorney who can help you prove your claim to the insurance company or the court. The hospital and doctor’s insurance company will fight with everything they have not to pay your claim. As a trial attorney, I have spent more than 30 weeks total in litigation – it is the foundation of my practice. Opposing counsel knows that when I take on a case, I mean to recover maximum compensation for you.

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